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This project is based in Cannabinoid/Terpene-API Development, to establish regulated therapeutic treatments - creating a safer alternative to conventional consumption methods. 

The current product catalog in Medical Marijuana industry designates outdated forms of Drug Product Consumption. These outdated Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) are not compliant with FDA Standards for Pharmaceuticals. Optimization of this DDS would validate the entire Medical Marijuana Product catalog though the lens of Pharmaceutical/Drug Product Manufacturers. 

Through this optimized DDS, drug product analogs derived from cannabis, not currently in development, can be used to induce immense therapeutic benefits.

The potential for more specific strategies targeting more specific underlying conditions grow in proportion to the rate they are being studied and developed. Additional chemical modifications to already existing cannabinoids/terpenes can offer access to different biochemical targeting pathways aside from conventional pathways.

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Pipetting Samples

Targeted Canna-API Therapy

Establishing Clinical Basis points for specific API receptor targeting by each formulation to induce specialized benefits by identifying Cannabinoid-Synergists

Pharma. Sector Quality Systems

Furthering the advancement and validation of new and emerging cannabis drug products under current FDA Regulations for Drug Product R&D, Manufacturing and Testing

Infiltration & Disruption of Major Drug Product Markets

Market Evaluations spanning billions of dollars across domestic and global markets for each analog product

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