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Our Journey

How We Got Here

Pulmonara Labs began as a pioneering company based in Philadelphia dedicated to making a profound impact on healthcare through innovative plant-derived terpene research. With a strong commitment to addressing orphan diseases, Pulmonara Labs combines cutting-edge science and the therapeutic potential of plant-derived terpenes to develop groundbreaking solutions. Our mission is not only to advance medical knowledge but also to improve the lives of those suffering from rare and overlooked conditions. Through relentless dedication and a focus on scientific excellence, Pulmonara Labs is at the forefront of redefining the boundaries of plant-derived terpene research.

Where We're Going

The future of Pulmonara Labs holds great promise and potential. As the field of terpene research continues to evolve and gain acceptance, the company is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the use of terpene-based treatments for orphan diseases. With ongoing research and development, we aim to bring innovative therapies to market, offering hope to patients who have long been underserved by traditional medicine.

Laboratory Scientist

Lab Expansion

Pulmonara Labs recently partnered with Saint Joseph's University to set up a new and exciting incubator program.

University Collaboration

Collaborative efforts with students and faculty at Saint Joseph's University has yielded promising results for our company and its relationship with the Philadelphia community.

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